25 seconds with Jimmy Page

A while ago, I wrote a short and totally subjective review on Mark Knopfler’s gig in Montreux this year.

For those of you who don’t have time to open the link and procrastinate, here’s the deal: I entered the concert a handsome 48 years old gentleman. As Knopfler started to play his red Stratocaster, he sent me back to the times when I was eighteen and listening to his guitar for the first time. See the point? It happens with music, scents, perfumes, maybe the way the sun casts a shadow of a tree. Marcel Proust used a soft cookie, a Madeleine, as a time machine. There are many ways to feel like a teenager when you are actually buying a second pair of reading glasses.

So, I was hopelessly trying to assemble words in a coherent way to capture that feeling. And then I saw this extract from It Might Get Loud a movie starring 3 guitar players: Jimmy Page, The Edge (U2) and Jack White. (The Whitestripes)

You won’t waste your time. It’s only 25 seconds.

Page takes his guitar and starts to play the opening riff of A whole lotta love. When they hear that, The Edge and White just look at him. I know, it’s all planned, there’s a script, it’s a MOVIE. But still. Just look at them when they hear Page begin. Look at their eyes. It’s there. This is exactly it. This is exactly what my two thousand miserable adjectives will never be able to reach.

Just look at their eyes. That’s it:  http://bit.ly/aDSxfU

Auteur : Nicolas Esse

Depuis 1962, je regarde les nuages qui passent avant d'aller mourir.

2 réflexions sur « 25 seconds with Jimmy Page »

  1. Ce que j’aime aussi, c’est la capacité d’émerveillement intacte chez ces deux types: malgré leur célébrité, ils aiment avant tout la musique. Sur le dernier plan, on dirait que Jack White est au bord des larmes.

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