Ze English coin

This small section will be dedicated to the few people left on the surface of the globe who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the obvious superiority of the French language upon other minor dialects.
Let’s start with the basics. Look at the title of this post : « Ze English coin. »
« Ze » is the universal French way of pronouncing « the » avoiding any tongue-teeth contact and the subsequent spitting consequences.
« English » is English.
« Coin » has nothing to do with money but is a much better way to say « Corner » in French.
So, we can now assume that a fairly decent translation of this section could be : The English Corner.

All good. Now why this small exotic island atop a pristine French blog?
Answer is efficiency. Order. Clarity. Peace of mind. Trying to update everyone with the latest news on the capitalist world, there has been a demand from some anglo-saxons acquaintances for a summary in their native language. Some people have been rubbing online translators directly on the surface of the French posts here and couldn’t find more meaning than in the version française.
So, I’ll do some update for all the English speaking readers. Pease, in advance, forgive the insertion of French bits, consider it as the French touche, plus I have no time to lose, looking for words I forgot, never knew or never bothered to learn. I’m already struggling with the mother tongue.

Ok. So, we have a purpose here. Now the first announcement. What the header says is just that the book is out. It is a novel called « Les Hommes Préfèrent Les Guerres » that could be litteraly translated into « Gentlemen prefer wars. » You can find it at the Fnac and Payot in France and Switzerland, but also on amazon.fr, fnac.com and alapage.fr.
Second announcement is that I’ll be at the Salon du Livre in Geneva on April 25th (Sat), from 2:00 to4:00 pm at the booth of the Editions Baudelaire (F855)
I have already checked the weather forecast for that day. Snow, rain, wind, showers. Ski season will be over anyway. Shopping is out of question in those times of dire straits. So, the ideal day to spend in a warm, hospitable shelter and Christmas is coming soon, a book always the ideal gift.
See you in Genève.

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